An Interesting List of Development Stuff (February 2014)

The 2nd one in the series from Rion that I am reblogging…



In this installment of my monthly treasure trove of development stuff, we take a slightly more .NET-oriented approach by covering several ASP.NET specific topics, resources and more. But there are quite a few other things that may be applicable to just about any kind of developers (and especially those that may be looking for a job).

Send a Valentine’s Day Math-o-Gram

In honor of Valentine’s Day, the folks over at Desmos decided that rather than sending a crummy card to your loved one, you could give them something that all women really love: math. By creating a very simple Node.js application, you can plug in different formulas and create a customizable “love graph” to send to your significant other.. or just play around with it.


No, sadly this is not some new breakfast-related concoction covered with delicious syrup. What is it however is an incredibly useful extension…

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