iPhone: 4S shuts off even with high battery

I thought I have this weird problem, but when googled I found this is quite common.

So your iPhone 4S shuts down even when it hasn’t gone as low as 20%, 10%, 1%? Bad news is you will not find an official solution to this problem. Good news is this trick that I tried might just work for you.

  1. Install a free app called battery doctor on your iPhone.
  2. When the phone shuts down connect your laptop to your computer to charge, not to an A/C wall outlet.
  3. Once the phone boots up, open battery doctor. Continue charging until battery doctor says “no charging necessary”.

That’s all. That should solve the problem.

In case it doesn’t…

When I read through numerous articles online I noticed some suggested a hard-restart (press and hold power + home buttons together for few seconds until the Apple logo comes up). I did that few times just after the charging was completed while battery doctor running in the foreground. And my phone started going all the way down to 1% again before shutting down.

It is not a guaranteed method to solve this problem, but then there isn’t one. Rather than trying to take a backup and restoring factory settings etc, this is a simpler solution that can be tried first.


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