How To: Multiple Time Zones on Outlook Calendar

Do you work with people in other time zones? Surely when you set something up in your Outlook Calendar with them you do the math and try to find out which time your time is which time theirs’. Or may be you use another nice little mult-zone clock apps – even then you need to go out of calendar and come back to it?

There is an easier way to do it now without leaving Outlook Calendar.

1. Go to Outlook -> Calendar

2. Right-click as shown the picture below. You should be able to see “Change Time Zone” in the context menu.


3. Select it and you should see the “Time Zone” window. Click on “Show an additional time zone”. Label it for convenience and then select your desired time zone.


4. Click OK. Now you should have 2 time zones as in the picture below.



I have tried this only on Outlook 2007. It may or may not work on other versions.


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